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Seasoned fries

by Native Foods Cafe


4.60 (7)

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12 October 2020
Love these fries so much.

The seasoning is delicious. They’re fantastic dipped in their ranch dressing. Toss them in your air fryer (or toaster oven) to crisp them back up when you choose carry...

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12 September 2020
These are so tasty.

I love the seasoning on them but they were a little bit soggy.

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12 May 2020
Some of the best fries out there—the seasoning is very special and they’re

deliciously crisp.

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17 December 2020
These skinny fries are great!

Crisp and flavorful. They’re awesome dipped in ranch. #veganin2020

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22 June 2020
Usually the restaurant leaves one flap of the to go boxes open so the steam

can release without making the food soggy. They didn’t do that this time and the fries and sandwich were a soggy mess. Fries from native are usually great and have a delicious seasoning.

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16 May 2020
So yummy and crispy!

Great dipped in ranch or chipotle sauce

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22 September 2019
These fries were perfectly crispy and the seasoning was excellent.

I didn’t even dip them in anything!

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