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Chocolate shake

by Monty's Good Burger


4.08 (5)

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12 August 2020
Why is it so hard to find a good vegan milkshake?

But don't worry, I got you covered!👌🏻 Yes, Monty’s will satisfy your need💫 My husband loves milkshake, and nothing can beat Monty’s milkshakes yet!

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24 August 2020
This was amazing!

I love their shakes. My friend and I were craving a milkshake and she loved it as well (she is not vegan ❤️).

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22 March 2019
First time trying a vegan shake is the best,taste so good

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23 April 2023
Good and filling hit the spot haven't had a chocolate milkshake in a long


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15 February 2021
I love shakes or I did before I became vegan.

I wanted this to taste great as a shake but it’s truly a malt. Now they may have improved their shake to be a true shake. I’ve seen other photos that may prove just...

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