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Sweet Memory Kailan

by Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant


3.86 (7)

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4 August 2019
La comida china en general es super aceitosa, es bueno equilibrarla con unas verduritas al


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3 August 2019
I’m not a fan of kai lan and this tasted quite bitter at first,

especially the leaves. However this was done quite well, as I ate it by itself later on it was not so bad and a lot tastier than what I have at home. Stems are my preferred part.

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2 August 2019
This dish reminds me of Hong Kong for sure!

廣東芥藍!!! feel a bit oily but 4/5 overall!

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24 March 2019
WOWZ THAT crispy deep fried greens above brought the kailan to another level

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27 June 2020
The Kai Lan is nicely stir fried and the black sauce goes well with the

vegetables. A good choice of vegetables if you are ordering delivery as it is unlikely to turn soggy or yellow.

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