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Sweet & Sour Pork

by Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant


4.33 (14)

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4 August 2019
MEJOR PLATILLO ❤❤❤ es la version vegana del puerco agridulce Chino🙄 Pero en verdad se

paso, un sabor atomico!!!!

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27 May 2021
糖醋排骨 in Chinese.

The textured soy protein chunks were kinda chewy and the batter was tasty! Goes well with the sauce, which had straw mushrooms, pineapple, tomatoes & capsicum :’) #abillionturns3

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12 August 2019
Holy smokes, this really tasted like the real deal (although I haven’t had the

real stuff in a good few years). This was definitely a crowd favourite for both omnis and vegos.

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12 April 2020
V crispy and flavourful!

But the insides were almost non-existent haha each piece was more like a tasty fried soy chip! Not sure if it’s just this time round cause the other reviews look good!

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3 August 2019
This was bomb!

Full of umami and nice crispy texture.

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25 September 2020
Juicy and tasty , nice to eat with rice, especially Miao Yi’s Ginger rice which

only serve on the 1st n 15th of lunar calendar date

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24 June 2020
This was reallyyy close to the actual version and the sauce is just right as

well! Will definitely order this again, one of the best versions I have tasted. A must try for sure!

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2 August 2019
This was one of my favorite dishes we had!

Crispy, coated in lots of delicious sweet and sour sauce, and surprisingly tasted A LOT like real pork? Idk what it was made of but it was yummy!

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8 March 2020
Not particularly impressive, but the sauce was really good.

I just didn’t fancy the meat.

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