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Claypot Tofu

by Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant


4.10 (6)

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27 May 2021
The sauce was herbal and included goji & danggui I think.

Super flavourful!! :’) The tofu came in huge triangular chunks~ #abillionturns3

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31 August 2019
Your standard clay pot dish with lots of veggies and some tofu.

Loved their other dishes more.

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14 November 2020
Hearty nutritious dish with a wide assortment of veggies!

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9 August 2019
A nice healthy dish, this wasn’t as tasty as the fried dishes but tasty

enough and good to balance out the meal.

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16 August 2019
Classic claypot tofu.

greens + tofu no surprises here, but done well.

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