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  • Yasai Sushi Moriawase
  • Yasai Sushi Moriawase

Yasai Sushi Moriawase

by Mezza9


4.37 (7)

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10 September 2020
The chef at Mezza9 does sushi well. This Yasai Moriawase Sushi which is assorted vegetables

in Japanese rice roll is a great dish. I think they are better with traditional dishes than trying to jump onto the mock meat burger trend. Just offer more plant based options.
#sushi #yasai #vegansushi #japanesefood

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Well it's nice to taste sushi rice and seaweed like my home country.. Taste fresh.

But that's it. Toppings are boring to be honest with you. I hope they can show some creativity here! (and generosity of putting more avocado inside the rolls! Lol)

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My favourite dish of the evening! Also shared this with le mum @spveg as a

starter while waiting for my perpetually late dad...Loved the variety and how well they were prepared. Would recommend this if you’re ever at the mezza9!

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