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  • Pink Lady Apple Tart
  • Pink Lady Apple Tart

Pink Lady Apple Tart

by Mezza9


4.20 (2)

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17 November 2019
I really wanted to get the vegan chocolate cake that @meowmeowfuzzyface brought to the office

that one time because it was DIVINE and unforgettable! Unfortunately they didn’t have any because it might no longer be made unless you give them a week in advance notice?? Anyway, was left with this option - the only available vegan dessert here. (shared the main dessert platter with les parents). I actually liked this tart but it’s no chocolate cake :((

Please bring back that vegan chocolate cake! Really wanted to have it on my birthday 😿

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The apple tart is a bit messy to eat. But I definitely enjoyed the messiness

of it all! The ice cream has a strong vanilla aroma and flavor. And it goes perfectly well with the apple tart. This is definitely worth a try! #crf

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