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Tacos De Barbacoa

by Mexhico Restaurant


4.96 (5)

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29 July 2021
WOW 🤩 the fake meet here was incredible.

I didn’t like all the coriander but i’m sure you can ask for no coriander, i just didn’t know it came with it.

I place to go back to!

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5 October 2020
You can fool any meat eater with these mushroom based "pork" tacos.

My favourite menu item so far. #veganisnotscary

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29 December 2020
The barbacoa is amazing!

I can't even begin to explain it. Just go here and order it. I'm not a fan of cilantro so I ordered this...

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7 July 2021
These are delicious!!!

Unfortunately, I have the gene where cilantro tastes like soap, lol, so I will order them without cilantro in the future. The barbacoa is amazing though!

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