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by Meshek Barzilay


4.95 (4)

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11 February 2023
Perfect perfect perfect #pistachios #Gnocchi in basil #pesto and #walnuts with #cashewcheese

#saveveganrestaurants #veganitalian

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27 February 2020
Had the best dinner in TLV.

Gnocchi, pizza and lasagne all dishes from this place was so good. Especially gnocchi was amazing!

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27 August 2019
It's such an amazing dish and such an amazing place!

The dish is a bit on the small side, but makes up for it in great vegan yogurt and cheese, and also the veggies are beautifully made. #animalsnow

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6 September 2019
Incredibly tasty.

A touch of vegan yogurt and almond feta turn this gnocchi dish into something really special.


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29 November 2021
Ñoquis con hongos, berenjenas, ajos confitados, crema y mil cosas más.

Riquísimo todo.

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