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Vegetariano Pizza

by Massimo's


4.47 (3)

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19 October 2021
Really loved this pizza.

You can add vegan mozzarella but I'm just not a fan of vegan cheese so went without and it was still delicious!

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16 August 2020
Yes it's vegan even though it's called vegetariano.

I added vegan mozzarella (it comes standard without cheese). It's real authentic Italian style. Even the tomato base tastes like Mama used to make...

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17 January 2023
Loved the base of this pizza and it was very generous with toppings but it

lacked flavour? Just a little bland

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28 September 2021
Comes standard without vegan cheese.

Can add vegan mozzarella for R35 (which I thought was quite expensive)

*I swapped the peppers for...

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