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16 February 2021
I have decided to be controversial and order my first Hawaiian pizza... and I loved

it! Well it is really hard for me not to love any food. But I found that the little pineapple bits fit very well with the smoked ham...

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21 July 2020
No sé cómo tardé tanto tiempo en conocer estas pizzas 😍 Definitivamente tienen que probarlas.


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4 March 2021
Primero de todo un 10 por su carta vegana!!!

La mejor pizza vegana que he comido en mi vida es perfecta (yo añadi como extra bacon). Teneis que ir sin duda! En cuanto pueda vuelvo 😻

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8 October 2020
The toppings were sparse, especially after comparing with the other reviewer's photo in this app.

Personally, I didn't enjoy the vegan smoked ham, I thought it smelled like dirty socks. I better enjoyed the vegan chorizo pizza I had last time and looking at the other reviews here the veggie pizzas seem to have a better quantity of toppings so I'll try that one next time.

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