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  • Fried Tofu Banh Mi Special
  • Fried Tofu Banh Mi Special

Fried Tofu Banh Mi Special

by Mama Dut


5.00 (3)

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22 October 2022
This was made with fried tofu marinated overnight in a deeply flavorful yellow curry, crisp

fresh cucumbers, fresh jalapeños, cilantro, fried shallots, fermented carrots, house kale kimchi, and house kimchi aioli, all nestled in a French baguette. The ingenious pairing of the delicious curry flavors with those of the other ingredients made this one-of-a-kind and intensely satisfying. Creatively using 🌱-based ingredients, owner Thuy Pham shows that we can be being kinder to ourselves, the other animals, and our 🌎, and still enjoy incredibly satisfying...

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22 February 2023
For this Banh Mi Thuy used Tofu from Ota Tofu, which is the oldest Tofu

shop in the US (Est.1911) and located here in in Portland! The tofu is fried to perfection and on a banh mi loaf with kale kimchi, fermented carrot and daikon, cucumber, jalapeño, cilantro, kimchi aioli, fried shallots, chili sauce and vegan phish sauce

#veganisnotscary #veganin2023 #womenowned #minorityowned

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14 November 2022
This is a really good one.

I’ll confess I didn’t think the mushroom one had enough sauces or flavor but this tofu special is really great with plenty of savory flavor.

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