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  • Wrap [Veganized]
  • Wrap [Veganized]

Wrap [Veganized]

by Leziz


4.60 (1)

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22 March 2023
We walked into this quaint restaurant famished and were quickly greeted with a smile. We

asked them if they could swap the kebab wraps with falafels for us non-meat eaters, and the reply was "Ofcourse can." I asked him to swap out yoghurt dressing for hummus, and he quipped that he would for this once. I watched him make our wraps and was elated when he squeezed in a fourth #falafel.

Then we were served with warm, well-balanced #wrap. I absolutely love the plating! Loaded with veggies and a delightful sweet chili sauce.

10/10 recommend

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