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Lekker Crispy

by Lekker Vegan Harrington


4.56 (10)

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11 August 2019
The first burger I ever had at Lekker Vegan and my first love.😍 To me

it was a revelation.

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11 August 2019

This burger is so yummy! Portion size is great & it’s filled with so much goodness - I usually take out the spring onion though (personal preference) but overall I do enjoy it + its very filling #greyton

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11 September 2020
My fave with a side of sweet potato fries.

The best!

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6 January 2020
Had this burger as a takeaway, was delicious!

Tender and crisp patty with the vegan cheese plus the secret Lekker sauce and crispy veggies make it a winner!

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29 November 2019
Great value for money and full of taste.

Also great to add the spicy sauce. #greyton

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30 November 2019
So amazing!

Love this place and the fact that it’s completely vegan. 2 different branches and they do take aways too. A must in Cape...

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15 September 2019
This meal was very delicious.

I loved the crockery. #ashers

4 February 2020
Ordered via UberEats!

Amazing taste and value for money!

24 October 2019
One of the best burgers I have ever tasted.

The sauce is superb!

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