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Penang Char Kway Teow

by Leaf Corner (Vegetarian)


3.47 (3)

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23 January 2021
Ordered without egg.

Not sure why the kway teow looks so white, not very well seasoned! The noodles had a bit of wok hey, but beyond that it wasn't very good. The mushrooms that came with it were the kind I dont like—brown chunky and very squishy 😅 also had extra squishy mock fish...

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10 August 2020
The portion of this dish is generous.

The taste is decent but the kway teow is lack of "wok hey". It will be good if more veggies can be added.

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23 May 2022
This fried kuay tiao Penang style; thus without dark sauce and uses thin rice noodles.

Very good taste. Omit the egg to make it vegan.

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25 September 2022
The noodle is delicious.

You can order this without egg if you are vegan. If you're vegetarian, by default this dish comes with eggs. I would have this again.

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