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Claypot Rice

by Leaf Corner (Vegetarian)


4.24 (5)

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6 October 2021
Loving it cos there’s no mock meat being used here.

Probably the only minus points is that it’s not actually cooked in Claypot. #veganisnotscary

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22 June 2022
Quite oily but it’s well-seasoned and hericium was pre-marinated with enough of taste.

Still one of fav over here.

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4 February 2021
Rice is wet like mui fan, strong taste of ginger.

Some crispy rice at the bottom of claypot. Lion mane mushrooms were juicy

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9 May 2021
very nice!!!

the dish was a little too wet tho but tasted really good! love the mushrooms ++ sauce #abillionturns3

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18 March 2022
Changed the monkeyhead mushroom to mock chicken as the mushroom has egg.

My bf loved this dish! Both the rice and mock chicken were well seasoned. Just would be better if the rice was cooked in the claypot itself so that there’s more charred...

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23 May 2022
One of the better clay pot rice around.

Ingredients include monkey head (also known as lion’s mane) mushrooms, shiitake and broccoli. Rice is fried with black sauce and slightly moist. The claypot keeps it hot for...

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