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Vegan Chocolate Tart

by Lady M Orchard Central


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26 December 2020

filling is suuper creamy and just melts in the mouth 🥺🥺 I really hope Lady M comes up with more vegan options :)

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Afternoon tea with a friend. I added Lady M to my “want to try” list

several years ago, not knowing if there would be anything for me to eat. As the poem goes, “The time has come, the walrus said…” This tart is the 1 vegan dessert offered: chocolate shell with caramel sauce, topped with chocolate ganache and cacao nibs. The filling was smooth and I could sometimes just taste the caramel under all that super, rich chocolate. I love dark chocolate and was glad to have an unsweetened tea to balance. The crust was quite hard, so I was “this close” to eating it with my hands because I was afraid one of the times I tried to take a forkful, it would go sailing off the table. Fortunately, it did not.😅 Pretty, but I think a pop of color would liven it up. 🍫
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Finally there’s a vegan tart at #ladym ... I really didn’t feel any coconut aftertaste

like some of the other reviews said. Maybe they changed the recipe slightly. But it tasted like smooth dark chocolate...very velvety and rich. #veganisnotscary

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Other than high points for presentation, I wouldn't give much for the rest. Taste was

so-so, size was tiny and a price tag which was ridiculous ($11.90?!)...Quite disappointing frankly. Lady M I am sure you can do better! #crf

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I’d tasted some of their cakes before I was a vegan, never understood what was

the hype about Lady M. Decided to give this vegan chocolate tart a try after reading several reviews here. I wish I can say I like this but nope, I do not enjoy this as well. 🙊 The chocolate was rich but I find the coconut taste overpowering and crust is too dense for my liking. Not forgetting to mention, I paid $12+ for this small piece of tart that didnt even come with a box, just the clear plastic bag seen in my pic. So do expect some chocolate sticking on the packaging when you take it out 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Sorry but this vegan tart ($12) got me all excited until I saw the size

& tasted it. Props to Lady M for making a vegan dessert, but the crust is simply too dense, hard & bitter (this is coming from a person who LOVES dark chocolate). The filling is pretty alright but the caramel portion made it seem like they just defrosted the cake and served it to me. Hopefully they will edit their recipe to make the crust slightly softer (and crumblier) and yo make the tart slightly sweeter; lest non vegans be deterred by this idea of a vegan tart.

< very late post >
I long heard about this Vegan Chocolate Tart from Lady M,

and was dying to try it!

I went to the Westgate outlet 3 times, the first 2 times, the tart was completely sold out! But the third time, I lucked out and they had one last piece in store!

Considering that it was always sold out, I had a pretty high expectation of it!

And to be honest, the whole tart came together very well, the tart was soft and crunchy at the same time (cause of the crust)

If you don't have that much of a sweet tooth, you may find this a little too sweet for you though

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This tart was quite overpriced, at 12.30 per tart. But my sister and I really

wanted to try it, so we got it as a treat. It was a gluten free base, filled with a rich, sweet and delicious caramel sauce. The topping was a dark chocolate ganache with a few cacao nibs which was a bit tastless. Overall, it was good but definitely would not buy again because its way too expensive for such a small tart.

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realllllyyy ex at $11.50 (not including the 17% gst and service charge yet) but i

guess one of those worth giving it a try things! if you're into chocolate stuff that is, haha

the tart was good - not too crumbly and not too hard, and there was a slight coconut flavour i think; the chocolate wasnt too sweet for me so i was p happy w that :)

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