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  • Mixed Veggie Rice
  • Mixed Veggie Rice

Mixed Veggie Rice

by Kopitiam (NUH Main Building)


4.33 (8)

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15 October 2019
really like the mala-ish taukwa stir fry with the long beans. this meal is very

oily but it’s the best u can get at NUS at 9pm LOL (im v fortunate not complaining) #nuseats

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Sooo thankful that I made a friend who’s willing to run from NUH medical centre

to main building’s foodcourt just to get vege food !!! This came with wakame v spicy oil and mixed mala looking things #crf

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was overcharged for this lol, got half portion of brown rice (半饭) caus din want

so much carbs, 2 veg and 1 protein but the receipt said 1 veg and 2 mock meat and it was $5 :( the veggjes were okay, for the tau kwa w tempeh dish felt it was abit too deep fried and wld also hv preferred less dark sauce

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Tried out the veg stall at NUH Kopitiam. Ordered their brown rice with 4 side

of vegetables (because their portion seemed small). It was around $5.90, pretty pricey in my opinion!

It was pretty wholesome though, loved their lady’s finger and saucey tofu tempeh!

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Got some v affordable mixed veg rice from the vegetarian stall at NUH kopitiam!! Love

love the tempeh dish but not a big fan of the tofu! Idk why but they didn't have metal cutlery, only plastic :/

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Pretty good caifan! Ate this for lunch during my hospital attachment. Picked tempeh as I

rarely find it outside. The tempeh was quite good albeit a little salty. The aunty was also Super generous with all 3 dishes that I was so full haha.

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I like exploring new dishes every time I order from this vegetarian store. The broccoli

and eggplants were fine as hell 😋 It would have been better if the amount of oil used for stir fry/sauté is reduced 👌

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