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Loaded Nachos

by Kind Kitchen


4.80 (5)

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11 February 2022
Loaded nachos with black beans, cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese, roasted peppers and chili sauce.

The price was 8€. I find it a bit expensive for nachos. I had in other places with ground vegan meat and other stuff for this...

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19 June 2020
Soooo good!!!

I loved it. So worth it! One of my favorite nacho dishes

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14 April 2020
Very tasty, and as the name says: loaded.

Nachos with black beans, cherry tomatoes, chili sauce, avocado spread and a grated cheddar “cheese”.

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26 April 2022
Platazo de nachos ideal para compartir como primer plato.

Cargados de queso vegano, guacamole, frijoles ... Un toque a lima, sabroso y saciante. Ideal con la típica cerveza portuguesa Super Bock.

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10 April 2022
Deliciosos nachos con queso veganos, frijolitos, tomate y guacamole.

Muy ricos.

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