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  • Swiss Rosti

Swiss Rosti

by Kaylee's Eatery


4.83 (14)

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14 August 2021
Potato and chive rosti, topped with sautéed wild mushrooms, vegan cashew cream cheeze - a

nice breakfast option. The cashew cheeze is delish, the mushrooms and rostis are unfortunately too oily, which is a shame cause underneath that I think the taste is nice.
#allveganrestaurant #allvegan

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This is photo is just half of it. Fantastic Rosti. Such a yummy dish. On

the breakfast menu, but had it for lunch.
Highly recommend Kaylee's Eatery. Can't wait to return when I visit Joburg again.

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Absolutely loved this meal. I savoured every delicious bite. There was plenty of the yummy

cashew cream. The portion was generous, making it worth what you pay. Such a treat having a nutritious yet super tasty meal, and it was lovely to see the time was taken to present it creatively.

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Although mushrooms are not my favourite, this dish was pretty yummy! There were different types

of mushrooms fried up and covering a delicious potato rosti. The cashew cream cheese was so good and I wish I had that recipe. It just brought the whole dish together. This was a large healthy portion and definitely good value for money considering the price of mushrooms and cashews these days. Would definitely recommend this dish and would order it again.

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Loved this meal, it had a combination of great flavors and textures. It was really

filling but I just couldn't help but finish it all in one go. Will definitely order again

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This dish is a magnificent sum of its parts. Individualy, each part is delicious. But

combined in each mouthful ... A masterful symphony of flavour bursts. This is one of my favourite dishes to order here!

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