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  • Cobb Salad

Cobb Salad

by Kaylee's Eatery


4.95 (4)

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13 September 2022
Had smoked tofu instead of chicken and it was AMAZING. Yummy dressing and massive portion

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It was a hot summer day and I was craving something fresh but filling. This

exceeded my expectations in every way. Blue cheese dressing over avo, chicken and bacon. Delicious.

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11 April 2023
Not a fan of the high prices overall, but one does get a good quality

plate of food. Presented beautifully, decent portion that leaves you nice & full; and the flavours work well together.
I thoroughly enjoyed this vegan version of a cobb salad. Loved the "blue cheese" dressing, it brought everything in the dish together deliciously.

#vegancobbsalad #avocado #tomato #redonion #corn #cucumber #seitanbacon
#grilledchicken #bluecheese #vegandressing

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