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  • Pad Thai 9.1
  • Pad Thai 9.1

Pad Thai 9.1

by Katmanis Thai Restaurant


2.40 (1)

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16 July 2023
So it's not bad but it doesn't really taste like pad Thai lol. A bit

bland. It's mostly just noodles with a couple veg and blocks of flavourless tofu.
Note: this dish must be ordered without egg!
Their menu said to ask about vegan and GF options so ofc I did. But the server asked if gluten free meant no sugar. So we were off to an iffy start. They also tried to give me the wrong order (it had chicken).
I would not go here again. The lack of knowledge made me a bit nervous. And it was just a bit bland and mostly just noodles. Seemed overpriced for what I got anyway

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