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Mango JuJu Bowl

by JuJu


4.67 (3)

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14 February 2019
Refreshing and delicious vegan mango chia seed smoothie bowl with frozen chocolate sauce on top,

granola and berries. One of my favs!

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[Mango JuJu Bowl, $12]
Refreshing, sweet, melt-on-your-tongue goodness. Chocolate drizzle clung merrily to swirling creviced yellow

hills. Granola, starring as a rocky foundation, studded the underbelly of the luscious nice cream. I had some gripes with the service (forgot my other order; smoothies, un-pictured, were still chunky; only flavours available were mango and chocolate which, while not the fault of the cashiers, was still not the most pleasant experience) but other than that the meal was satisfying. In all honesty, would only patronise again were I already at Botanic Gardens; for the price, I’d rather get acai. An interesting try nonetheless.

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