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Pulled Jackfruit

by Jessy's Waffles


4.66 (7)

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10 August 2019
An interesting savory waffle, the coleslaw, pickle and the mustard sauses really round it off

well. #greyton

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30 July 2019
Love going to Jessy's Waffles!

The only hard part is choosing which amazing dish to try next! The pulled Jackfruit waffle was really good! It doesn't have the same sheesy taste as the other savoury waffles but the Jackfruit, coleslaw and mayo still make this a winner dish👍 #greyton

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11 August 2019
So this was interesting to try out mainly because I have only ever had jackfruit

in a wrap but I was pleasantly surprised. Everything went really well together, I wasn’t such a huge fan of the mustard and the coleslaw but I really enjoyed everything else! #greyton

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25 July 2020
This is a delicious vegan waffle from one of my favorite vegan restaurants in Cape

Town. The pulled Jackfruit was so flavorful and I got to choose 4 toppings. I chose a bbq base with beetroot hummus, avo, cheese and the pulled...

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22 October 2019
A really great savoury dish that is bursting with flavour.

A must try for sure. 😋

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23 October 2019

The jackfruit topping was really really yummy. Also I love pickles so that was a bonus. The sauce was really good...

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