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by Jessy's Waffles


4.23 (6)

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22 December 2019
Yummy flapjack stack, great value for money when using the Entertainer app!

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11 August 2019
These flappies were tasty but a little too sweet for me to be honest.

The nuts definitely helped neutralize the sweetness & added a crunchy texture which I enjoyed a lot #greyton

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21 September 2019
Fluffy and sweet and decadent.

And the best part is they have gluten free options! #ashers

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6 July 2019
Vegan spicy Flapjacks with cream on side !

So tasty 😋


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17 February 2020
One of my favorite vegan spots ever ever ever.

These were the chocolate hazelnut flapjacks and they were AMAZING!

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29 July 2020
You can’t go wrong with anything at Jessys.

Especially not a flapjack stack

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