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  • Basic waffle with extras
  • Basic waffle with extras

Basic waffle with extras

by Jessy's Waffles


4.51 (7)

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3 July 2020
Best waffles!

Not enough room in my stomach. I’ll be back!

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29 July 2019
Basic waffle with extras and ice cream on the side.

Half portion😋 #greyton

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28 July 2020
Waffle perfection!

Support them before they close💪🏼

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3 June 2020
Love this waffle.

It's rich so you can't eat too much of it

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4 August 2020
This is absolutely Devine.

I can only eat half so it feeds me for two meals. Love the brownie pieces

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30 November 2019
Fully vegan restaurant with the most amazing vegan dishing.

Choosing your own waffle can become a bit more pricy than ordering off the menu but definitely worth it!

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30 July 2020
They hands down make the best waffles !

They amaze me every time.

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