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  • Holy (Not) Cow Burger
  • Holy (Not) Cow Burger

Holy (Not) Cow Burger

by Jerry's Burger Bar Blouberg


3.76 (5)

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22 October 2021
Daaaaam! So happy they brought in the Urban vegan prime burgers, soooooo perfect! Tasty, juicy

and local 🥰

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This burger was absolutely amazing 🍔
Urban Prime patty was hella tasty. The usual toppings

and some vegan mustard Mayo plus a side of fries 🍟
Quite expensive at R115 so not a regular occurrence. Grateful they’ve added some vegan options to their menu 🌱

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This is not the fault of thr delicious Urban Prime pattie.. I've had that several

times and it's delicious. We are done with Jerry's and their soggy burgers with horrible dressing. Worst vegan meal I've ever had.

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