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11 September 2023
Okay so, I fully get that this pic is deceiving to what I’m about to

say but for context - this was my breakfast at 3pm after running errands, it took 30 mins after ordering for my food to arrive and was brought in a takeaway bag which I didn’t ask for, the waiter then took it away to plate but walked away literally halfway through the sentence “I’m really hungry so I’ll just eat it like that”. When I arrived I was told by the first waiter there were no vegan options, so I started leaving only to be told by another there was, I was so hungry and didn’t want to hassle too much to find somewhere so I just went with it. I asked for the peppers listed on the menu to be subbed if possible, and inquired if I could get spinach instead which was confirmed, but the dish arrived with neither and the waiter left before I could ask. Getting anyone’s attention when they weren’t in your immediate vicinity was impossible, it’s a very “relaxed” environment. The rice was the best part of the meal, I don’t have the most experience with Trinidadian food but the filling was not my kinda style, a bit “sour”. Wouldn’t get this again or be inclined to go to the restaurant based on the food and service.

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