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Akamaru 1.0

by IPPUDO Star Vista


3.75 (4)

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30 August 2021
Plant based Akamaru 1.0 - warm bowl of ramen on a rainy day! It tastes

like tonkotsu! The broth is made of mushroom and soy milk, topped with porcini mushroom oil. Able to choose how firm you would like your noodles to be. However, I felt that the chashu is rather average here. Available till end August (which is tomorrow). Who knows…maybe there will be a 2.0 some time in the future? 😂

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The broth is very dense and flavourful~ I find the noodle portion is a little

small in the beginning but it seemed just nice after I drank some of the soup as well! The soy meat tastes ordinary (sorry) but the soup is great!

there is a veggie ramen (with egg, so ask for without egg for vegan option ) that my partner (💕) had and it was good too! didn't manage to take a photo but that was on the lighter/cleaner taste.

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Had this for lunch and was craving something warm and soupy so finished this pretty

quick! The broth itself was a bit of a let down, just tasted salty with not much depth? The mock meat was alright, wouldn’t say it was the focal point of the dish. The scallions and vegetables were delish though, would buy again if it’s possible to switch out the meat for more vegetables. #abillionxkinder

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Posting this really late, unfortunately I think they no longer sell it. Was really happy

when I found out Ippudo sold vegan ramen. The soup is really flavorful. I hope they will sell it again until the future. #veganisnotscary

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