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  • Plant Based nuggets with organic spaghetti
  • Plant Based nuggets with organic spaghetti

Plant Based nuggets with organic spaghetti

by IKEA Restaurant


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21 March 2023
Hmmmm….. this was so so. Vegetables are frozen ones, so when you bite into them

there’s a lot of water.
Another thing: this dish needs salt!
#ikea #pastalover #veganpasta

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It looks good

And kudos for ikea for introducing more plant based options

However, I don’t

like ikea food because they are all frozen food and quite tasteless

This dish falls below my expectations

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Alright, I am definitely disappointed with IKEA this time. I came specially for the plant

based fish fillet after checking out the website but the staff said it would be served on 9 Jan when the website said it would be available on 3rd Jan! They should have updated the website with a notice.

My daughters knew that I didn’t like tomatoes sauce pasta hence requested to omit the tomatoes sauce. Instead the pasta is just served plain-without any olive oil or salt- just plain & cold & hard Spaghetti! I am really disappointed that there was no initiative from the staff to add some olive oil or salt.

The plantbased nuggets are disappointing too. They are cold & super duper dry.

Only the frozen vegetables made the cut- steamed & healthy, but my daughters disagreed with me. The vegetables had the frozen taste which they disliked.

I felt that IKEA treated the animal based food better than the plant based food. They definitely made me feel very “underprivileged”. IKEA needs to go the extra mile to make sure that the plant based dishes received the same respect.


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