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by IKEA Restaurant


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4 January 2023
I like that IKEA has some fresh salad. At least not everything is frozen, &

then cooked. Salad vegetables & cherry tomatoes are fresh & good!

Just that you have to remove the dairy salad dressing that has been pre-packed on a saucer & placed on top of the salad. It would be better that we have a choice of the salad dressing. It is a waste of paper saucer & the salad dressing.


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Skip the sauce and eat the healthy crunchy salad

I feel that ikea could do

better for taste and nutrition

Probably it’s lack of knowledge because they don’t have vegan sauce and don’t even give you olive oil

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A rather characterless salad. I just felt like i wanted more greens to go with

d plant balls so ordered this.
They served it with thousand island dressing, which thankfully, was served aside. So just chuck it away ive never like tht dressing anyways.
I suppose for $1.50 i can't expect much ey..


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