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Plant Balls

by IKEA Alexandra


4.72 (5)

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13 October 2020
Full disclosure: I’ve never had IKEA meatballs so I can’t compare this to

that BUT this is so good! Super savoury and tasty and meaty! So much better than all the vegan meatballs I’ve tried (from the usual vegan retail...

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24 October 2020
(Ask to omit gravy and mashed potatoes for vegan version!)

Had already tried the frozen plant balls at home so I was unsurprised by how delicious this is! Hooray for more vegan food!

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30 June 2022
Amazingly close in taste and texture to their signature meat balls 🙌💯 a big hit

with my folks at home too yayy

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6 December 2020
cream sauce and mashed potatoes are nOT vegan!!!

but plant balls are :D the balls were soft and yummy and according to my dad, if he didn't know they were plant based he would've thought them to be normal meat balls so that attests to how well it mimics the original!


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22 September 2022
Couldn’t differentiate from the meat balls!

From ikea: “Made with pea protein, potatoes, onion, oats and apple, it has the taste and juicy bite of the IKEA meatball – minus the meat. Instead, the perfect meaty taste is achieved by adding umami flavours, like mushroom, tomato and roasted vegetables.”

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19 November 2021
Makes the easiest and tastiest pasta!

I want more already!

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