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  • Japanese Seaweed Rice
  • Japanese Seaweed Rice

Japanese Seaweed Rice

by Idealite Bugis Village


4.60 (2)

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18 March 2019
This was the cheapest main dish & unexpectedly also the tastiest xD The raw tomato

and tofu cubes were a great replacement for tuna, and the crunchy seaweed, floss and roasted peanuts complemented the soft cubes really well. The side of brown sugar konnyaku was a great touch :) #sgeats #seaweed #rice #japanese #fusion

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21 February 2019
Idealite does really nice presentation, this was in their Chinese New Year Menu.

Portion of rice was slightly small. Nice mix of seaweed and veggie floss, they included honeydew as well and it's uncommon to have fruit in meal sets. Light, healthy and tasty.

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