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  • Waffles with Matcha Gelato

Waffles with Matcha Gelato

by Hvala Keong Saik


4.32 (18)

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26 February 2021
it’s tea timee!

love the combo of ice cream and waffle - sadly it’s too filling and i couldn’t finish it😞 everything here is rich in matcha🍵💚

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19 January 2021
Still dreaming about this #matcha gelato waffle I munched on towards the end of last

year - These waffles were just amazing! 🧇🟢 Super impressed that their gelatos are #dairyfree! Hvala’s got a new fan 💁🏻‍♀️ #veganuary

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26 January 2021
Had this delicious, yummy waffle for lunch!

Waffle was a little dry and took a while to come out but it was lunch hour. Really high quality matcha gelato but it was a lil extra bitter though.

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1 December 2020
Hvala waffle and ice cream gelato ❤️❤️

The matcha flavour is a must try, and it goes perfectly with the cookie cream matcha gelato! Thanks for making it vegan 😋 #veganin2020

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19 October 2020
Cinnamon evenly fused into the slightly moist and chewy flesh of the waffle, the waffle's

surface glittering white and green with mysterious, fantasy-like powder. The creamy Matcha ice-cream was softer and thinner than most ice cream - my knife passes through it with ease. It was also adorned with light crunchy bites ignoring social distancing rules and having a large party on its...

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12 October 2020
Chose the matcha 2 gelato to go with the dairy-free waffles, and added 2

other scoops of gelato (separate review). Waffles were towards the chewy side with a gentle crunchiness on the outside! Would prefer more intense matcha in the gelato but apparently this outlet doesn’t have matcha 3 (highest...

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8 January 2021
The ice cream was really good (I think they make it using Oatly), but I

expected more from the waffle. It was a bit empty inside and took so long to make! So far best vegan waffles are at Wellsmoocht!😜

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1 December 2020
Personally not my favourite bc it’s cinnamon flavoured !

It’s a bit chewy but still pretty good. Ambience is great tho and it’s good for sharing w friends #veganin2020

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2 March 2021
The waffle was alright, but I’m so put off of matcha now because of

my horrible experience here (my friend and I both got sick and vomited) so I mean, things here taste good but may or may not make you sick after. I would rather not chance it again.

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