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  • Candyfloss Strawberry Vegan Milkshake
  • Candyfloss Strawberry Vegan Milkshake

Candyfloss Strawberry Vegan Milkshake

by Hudsons, The Burger Joint (Muizenberg)


4.25 (4)

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1 June 2021
This is exactly what you would expect a candyfloss strawberry milkshake to look like, and

while this is what I had in mind when the waitress mentioned it by name I was still shocked at the sheer size of it.

The milkshake itself is incredibly filling; served in their gin glass and filled right to the top with strawberry deliciousness, and then topped with a cloud of pink candyfloss and some sprinkles. 🌝💗

To begin drinking this, one needs to deconstruct it, removing the candyfloss and putting it on a side plate seemed like the only...

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22 March 2022
I was really impressed with this decedant dessert.

So much yum! Its huge as well, would be good for sharing. Would have it...

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19 October 2021
Absolutely delicious!

Went with my boyfriend's non vegan mother and she got the same milkshake just not vegan. She said ours was way better and she would definitely get the vegan one next time

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25 January 2022
A really decent milkshake!

Something about the taste of Hudson’s milkshakes reminds me of cake batter😂 but a good milkshake nonetheless!

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