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  • Bacon plant burger
  • Bacon plant burger

Bacon plant burger

by Honest Burgers - Camden


4.70 (2)

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4 November 2022
Dish was amazing comes with rosemary salted fries which are the best I've ever had.

And had onion rings which are vegan and gluten free which is rare find for me and are amazing. Great size as well. Sorry no pics of food so good was gone before I remember to take pic.

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Molto molto buono, a Camden Town il posto è gestito da alcuni ragazzi italiani, molto

gentili, ci tornerei volentieri per assaggiare anche le altre opzioni vegane.

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The best vegan burger EVER, I promise!
You really need to try it. It is

a bit expensive, about £16, but it comes with good quality delicious fries.

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