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Sexy Tofu

by Holy Carrot


4.54 (7)

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23 October 2021
🌱 The tofu was SO GOOD and definitely sexy.

The sauce was a little spicy for me but the texture and flavours were incredible. Would recommended this dish!

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5 March 2023
Partner was raving about this.

It’s an aubergine pepper purée under the tofu. The crispy chips add another texture to fully satisfy all the senses. Gorgeous place here in Knightsbridge so expect some pricey dishes.

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28 March 2022
The dish was simply amazing!

A bit overpriced but given the fact that the restaurant was on the fancy side, the price can be overlooked. The different consistencies that the dish presents make it so interesting. Amazing flavor as well.

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25 September 2022
Il tufu più gustoso che abbia mai mangiato con una salsa agrodolce spaziale e una

cremina di peperoni e melanzane intorno

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16 March 2023
Sexy tofu is deffo sexy!

Crispy and served with a “cream” of peppers and aubergine, loved it!

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22 May 2022
Questo è uno dei piatti forti del ristorante Holy Carrot, il Sexy Tofu; di una

bontà infinita, il tofu era cotto benissimo,croccante fuori e “meaty” dentro, super saporito, la salsa di base delicata ma allo stesso tempo decisa, davvero un piatto spaziale

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