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The Vegan MuffinMac

by Herbivorous


4.53 (6)

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12 August 2020
I've never had a McMuffin before but this vegan version did not disappoint in

any way shape or form. Everything just worked together. The sauce is definitely what took this dish to the next level for...

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8 August 2020
Absolutely, 100% satisfied the craving for the original Mcmuffin👌🏼 YUM!!

A little more pricey but do yourself a favour and try it, you wont regret it🤤

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24 March 2020
One of the best things I've ever eaten, it's got a McDonald's vibe but

without the cruelty. 1000000% recommend this, I can't express my gratitude for its existence enough. It has a Frys burger patty, fried crispy tofu, tomato sauce, cheese, all assembled on a breakfast bun

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10 October 2020
This was friggin incredible!

So cheezy, so tasty. Will definitely buy again and again!

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29 August 2020
A delicious vegan patty with a crispy tofu slab and vegan cheese.

Hits all the spots and they frequently have it on special. At R60 it’s such a bargain (sometimes on special for 2 for R100)

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