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Spicy Bap

by Hello 123


4.55 (4)

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26 July 2021
pretty good but not really my vibe.

would probably be the best thing on the menu at a non vegan place (like if i was at kelseys or something and this was the vegan option i’d be like oh heck yeah i can live) but there’s so many things at hello that i’d rather have. few things in here are kind of mushy (like the eggplant), i dunno it was just fine. the red saucy was...

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24 August 2021
This is a vegan take on Bibimbap and it is absolutely unreal 🤤 if you

liked Bibimbap in a previous (non vegan 🤪) life then you will loooooove this. Bibimbap was one of my favourite dishes before I became vegan - I was vegetarian for years and it was one of those dishes that was veg friendly and available pretty much anywhere in Toronto in it’s pre-vegan restaurant takeover days. Many places actually made it vegan by subbing out the egg if asked, but this takes vegan Bibimbap to a whole new level 🤩 But seriously guys, this is a definite new fav at hello123 and you gotta try it...

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16 September 2020
Both the dishes tasted amazing and the service was wonderful

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9 May 2022
The bowl was great, the eggplant was delicious, but the tofu could have been a

lil more flavourful. Overall good :)

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