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Breakfast Bowl

by Hello 123


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5 June 2021
If you’re in the area this is the best vegan breakfast you can find.

This is just such a loaded and satisfying bowl, and actually really easy to recreate so if you don’t live nearby then hopefully this post serves as some inspiration for your next home made Sunday brunch 🍽 Scramble up some tofu with spices, sauté some onions and mushrooms, add some kale and spinach, smash some avocado, bake some potatoes and voilà 👩🏼‍🍳 🥔🧅🥬

#veganisnotscary #abillionlove #tofuscramble

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22 January 2020
My favourite thing to get at Hello123, breakfast bowl with tofu scramble, chilli, avocado and

fresh greens. So good!

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1 April 2020
So satisfying, delicious and hearty.

Ask for the homemade habenero hot sauce if you like a kick. The ingredients are so complimentary, it has a mexican flavour profile.