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  • Lentil & Mushroom Burger

Lentil & Mushroom Burger

by Harvest Cafe


4.20 (3)

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14 December 2021
The burger was loaded with avo, cabbage and and yummy sriracha Mayo!

The lentil and mushroom patty had a great texture and a delicious mushroom taste! It was very filling. I LOVED the side slaw which was crunchy and had delicious sweet pops from cranberries!

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30 June 2021
So much avo and super tasty!!

Really good flavor!!

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1 June 2021
Oh my goodness!!

This is definitely one of my favorite things to get from Harvest Cafe 🤤 this burger is INSANE!! The patty is really tasty, along with the little slaw that comes with the dish which I think is a great touch. The bun is really fresh...

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