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  • Mango ginger lemonade
  • Mango ginger lemonade

Mango ginger lemonade

by Hans Im Glück German Burgergrill


4.25 (4)

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11 January 2019
I couldn’t taste the ginger and the lemonade wasn’t very strong.

Basically a mango drink.

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8 August 2020
I got this drink as part of the set and it tasted super interesting!

Definitely worth a try

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23 July 2020
Was impressed at the many different varieties of lemonade they offered.

So refreshing, really appreciated that they used metal straws and glass bottles too! Also not too much ice meant that the flavour did not get diluted even as I was finishing my drink.

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22 February 2020
At Hans Im Gluck you top up 5SGD onto the cost of your burger

to get the set that comes with 1 side, 1 ice non-alcoholic drink, 1 hot beverage. It’s set portions are very generous and all but the coffee is done really well!!

This iced Mango-Ginger tea was...

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