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  • Vegan Protein Salad Bowl
  • Vegan Protein Salad Bowl

Vegan Protein Salad Bowl

by Haakon Superfoods and Juice


5.00 (2)

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19 July 2022
Comes with corn, red beans, purple cabbage, lettuce, tofu and plant based beef patty.

Super filling and nutritious too. Waiting to try their other vegan dishes.

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12 January 2021
Absolutely love this salad to bits.

It’s quite black peppery, just the way I like it :)

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30 August 2020
The vegan protein salad bowl ($14.90) had 35g of protein, which came from a

black bean patty that was thick and spicy though a tad try, as well as grilled black pepper tofu which was dense and savoury but strangely tasted quite similar to Chinese soy braised beancurd. There were also grilled snow peas and charred corn, both of which had a nice roasted fragrance. There was also a raw salad base consisting of shredded carrot and romaine lettuce salad, drizzled with a vegan maple tahini dressing that was mildly sweet yet had a nutty aroma from the ground sesame seeds.

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