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  • vegan protein bowl

vegan protein bowl

by Haakon Superfoods and Juice


4.53 (3)

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12 March 2021
Blown away by the flavour combinations in this bowl.

Did not expect myself to like the vegan beef patty THIS much but it was the absolute star of the dish!! Although the patty looked quite thin, it had a very substantial meaty texture and flavour.

The strong meaty flavours were nicely balanced with the well-seasoned black-pepper tofu, tangy cabbage slaw, corn and...

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21 March 2021
Pretty good protein bowl.

I love the sauce and the beef patty in it. The tofu cubes were slightly over cooked and it was a little tougher than expected but the sauce for it is not bad.

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20 February 2022
surprisingly liked this salad bowl a lot!

not too many gross greens, but chock full of peppery tofu cubes and the vegan patty 😚 i enjoyed the overall combination. i think this was $14.90, and you can get a little discount with fave!

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