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Make Your Own Bowl

by Haakon Superfoods and Juice


4.40 (5)

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6 May 2020
On the days when i can’t bring myself to meal prep... 😅 I added

in my own furikake to enhance the taste. Haakon is extremely vegan friendly so it isn’t hard to order meals from them.

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30 April 2021
Chose all vegan options - vegan patty, angel hair pasta, tomato and mango salad, mala cucumber,

steamed broccoli, pesto, furikake.

Pesto and angel pasta were a yummy combination.

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6 September 2021
Vegan options only: angelhair pasta, roasted mushrooms, beetroot guacamole, black bean & corn salsa, falafel,

pesto sauce.

Pesto sauce pairs so well with the pasta and the falafel was curryful and amazing. Dream meal.

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13 May 2021
Omg this is the best falafel I have ever tasted - warm crisp skin, yet ultra

fluffy and soft inside... All vegan options here: angel hair pasta, king mushrooms, falafel, pickled cabbage, guacamole, pesto sauce.

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14 April 2022
All vegan options here - angelhair pasta, cucumber & pineapple salad, black bean & corn salsa,

steamed broccoli, garlicky crumbs, vegan pesto sauce, half avocado. Yummy and filling!!

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