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  • Falafel and Quinoa Grain Bowl
  • Falafel and Quinoa Grain Bowl

Falafel and Quinoa Grain Bowl

by Haakon Superfoods and Juice


4.40 (4)

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22 September 2020
I finally got to try Haakon and it did not disappoint!

I went for the falafel bowl 🧆🥗 immediately - falafel 🧆 is #sogood! This falafel 🧆 was bigger and not as crispy as regular ones but still full of umami flavour. Everything in it was pretty tasty, especially the pesto sauce on the quinoa -...

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20 September 2020
A solid grain bowl with falafel, beetroot hummus, baked pumpkin, zoodles, quinoa & vegan pesto

sauce. Each component was really well executed on its own and together the combination of flavours and textures worked really well. Was super hungry when I had this and it filled me up perfectly without being weighed...

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2 December 2020
pumpkins were roasted nicely!!

beetroot humus, quinoa and the spices they added went rlly well tgt :") falafel was also a good addition tho the falafels was a lil dry

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11 April 2021
This turned out better than expected!!!

The falafel had a slightly mushy texture, and not so dry, in a good way! Usually I find quinoa crumby to eat, but mixing it with the beetroot hummus here solved that problem. Mix that further with zoodles and I got a beautiful mix of texture and...

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