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  • DIY regular salad bowl
  • DIY regular salad bowl

DIY regular salad bowl

by Haakon Superfoods and Juice


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14 July 2021
i love customising my own salad / grain bowls! warm cauli rice, broccoli, sweet potato

mash, corn & bean salsa and falafel, topped with chili flakes. japanese curry dressing on the side. everything was really tasty ☺

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I think they changed the curry dressing recipe... used to be quite creamy but now

it's very watered down, lowkey tastes like cheap prata curry hahaha. but the tofu is as good as I remember!! very flavourful and substantial

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Its rly commendable tht Haakon makes an effort to be vegan-friendly & now has 4

vegan protein options (excl avo) - tofu, falafel, veg patty & vegan beef patty. Taste-wise however isnt particularly outstanding and im not a fan of their mostly cold sides. Portions are also not as generous compared to other grain bowl places. Pictured is their new beef patty which requires an additional $3 charge but doesnt feel justified given its only a thin piece. Flavour was q nice albeit a little salty & texture is tough in an attempt to mimic real beef i guess.

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Back for the beloved falafel! Warm and fluffy heaven. All vegan options: angelhair pasta, mango

& tomato salsa, steamed broccoli, mala cucumbers, crunchy garlic breadcrumbs, vegan pesto.

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Love everything in this bowl - brown rice, black pepper tofu, zoodles, broccoli and wakame

seaweed! Generous portion of toasted almond flakes too. $11.90

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Quinoa veggie patty was delicious and filling and not forgetting the beetroot hummus too 😋

Acai bowl is my favourite because it comes with Chia Pudding!

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