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Cacao Bliss Bowl

by Haakon Superfoods and Juice


4.80 (5)

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8 November 2020
If this ain’t the perfect açaí bowl for a #chocoholic I don’t know what

is! As opposed to alot other chocolate-açaí bowls that just sprinkle some cacao nibs or drizzle some sort of chocolate sauce, this bowl actually blends the cacao with the açaí base so you really get that intense chocolate taste. As always, Haakon is 10/10 when it comes to being generous with and having a good variety of toppings which is greatly appreciated.

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15 February 2019
Super refreshing & satisfying!

Loved rich cacao flavor! Can be a happy breakfast or afternoon snack on a hot day😋Recommend especially for people with sweet tooth like me!

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27 May 2019
Love the nut butter....... but the post açai experience = purple lips

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