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  • Avocado vegan salad
  • Avocado vegan salad

Avocado vegan salad

by Haakon Superfoods and Juice


4.56 (5)

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14 June 2020
The falafels were soggy when they arrived :<<<<<<<<<<

My favourite part of this is the beetroot hummus :’) some colour for a dreary day. The zoodles were so similar to actual noodles.

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17 January 2021
Beetroot hummus was a pleasant surprise despite looking suspiciously bright pink 😅 It was smooth,

tart and refreshing 😋 Quinoa-cauliflower patty was light and tasty too. Highly recommend!

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15 October 2019
Loved the combo of everything together and the orange dressing too!

The beetroot hummus is really good, I wish more places would do this and the cauliflower quinoa patty was decent for what it is. However, I had takeaway and I found the packing to have some flaws. I don’t see the point in giving the paper bowl but still having a plastic cover that doesn’t even stay...

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6 February 2021
My go to, never fail, feel good lunch from Haakon!

I love the combination, all so tasty and awesome!

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19 December 2017
Lovely vegan bowl, great taste.

Ingredients are fresh, but I would have wanted a bit more uncooked veggies in it.

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