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  • Fried Mushroom

Fried Mushroom

by Gum Gang Won Restaurant


4.30 (4)

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12 August 2022
Not really worth the $19 but at this point after the disappointing soondubujigae this was

the one to save the meal. While they offered vegan KBBQ its an awful lot of mock meats and its pretty expensive too, the menu’s one that make you rather cook at home 🙃

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6 December 2020
This is my favourite!

Friends love this. We find this very nice to go with drinks (hehh we had Grape soju). This non veg restaurant has vege/vegan...

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8 January 2023
This is a great bar bite or appetiser - really nicely seasoned and with various types

of mushrooms. I like that they added some carrot strips and spring onions to give it a bit of freshness.

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6 July 2022
Oyster mushrooms and shredded carrot lightly coated in batter and tossed with chilli flakes.

Crunchy and salty, not too oily for fritters. Tasted just as good as I remembered from my previous visit! ($19)

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